"OK EVERYONE! GO ON YOUR PLACES AND DO WHAT I TOLD YOU TO DO" said the producer. You were an extra in the new 1D music video. You still couldn’t believe they chose you. But they gave you a role, that was actually an important one. You had to go on a motorcycle with one of the boys, but you didn’t know which one, because as you knew, no one of them has the license for it? 
"Hey. Are you Nathalie?" said a voice behind you. You turned around and saw a curly haired boy standing in front of you. "Y-yes. This is me" you said in a smile. "Put the helmet on, I don’t want you to get hurt beautiful". Did he just called me beautiful? I bet he does that to all the girls. But still… you were thinking in your head. “Do you even know how to drive this thing?” you asked him. “They gave me lessons, yes. But sshh! Nobody knows that I don’t have the license for it” he said in a funny voice. “No, for sure. You don’t have millions of fans knowing everything about you. No, you don’t” you said using sarcasm. “Haha. You’re funny Nath, you know?” Did he just gave me a nick name? Is this real world or am I just dreaming? … “EVERYBODY ON YOUR PLACES! WE’RE ABOUT TO GO IN ACTION!” jelled the producer and waked you up from your daydreaming. “So, after this shoot, we have a 2hour break. Want to go to lunch with me?” This may be the last chance to see him. Why wouldn’t I go. "Sure"…

Want a ‘how you meet one direction’ ? send me the name of one of the boys in my ask and i’ll write you a short story of how you meet him. 

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  1. feelingstyles said: omfg, that was really good. can we pls make that real life omg
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